Workplace Wellness Seminar

Leanne Giavedoni speaks to groups on topics to unleash the essentials for increased happiness, health and balance. Leanne offers compelling presentations great for a workplace lunch & learn, retreat or any groups looking for an engaging health & wellness presentation.

Leanne lectures at numerous Corporations on a variety of topics including:

  • Health of the Mind, Body & Spirit,
  • Mindfulness Techniques,
  • Limiting Beliefs & Mindset,
  • A Balanced Lifestyle,
  • Emotions & the Workplace,
  • Improving Productivity through Natural Solutions
  • Customized topics

Leanne Giavedoni is a Professor in the Faculty of Kinesiology and Health Promotions at Sheridan College and a Physiotherapist with over 23 years of experience working in both hospital and private clinical settings. Leanne has studied numerous alternative health practices and has a flare for bridging traditional with alternative. Leanne graduated with her Bachelor of Science in Biology from McMaster University and obtained her Bachelor of Science in Physiotherapy at the University of Toronto.

Did you know?

Did You know?
Happy Employees

  • Take 10x less sick days
  • produce 37% greater sales
  • are 12% more productive

And 36% would take $5000 less to he happier