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Did you know?

Happy people report qualities like “honesty, caring, freedom, generosity, health & income” as key to their happiness.

Happiness improves heart health, immune health, decreases aches & pains and increases life expectancy. Happy people are emotionally and physically healthier.

Once you hit $75k, more money does not make a difference to your day to day happiness.

The amount of time you spend with good people is the greatest predictor of happiness.

Imagine if you had the ingredients for all the happiness you could imagine like good health, loving supportive relationships, abundance and peace.

That is exactly what happens when you learn to live a mindful, balanced & natural life.

Unleashed Essentials shows you how to live this way.

About Leanne Giavedoni

Leanne Giavedoni is a Wellness Lifestyle Coach with over 22 years of expertise in guiding people to live a well-balanced life.

“I believe all parts of our life need to be nurtured; our relationships, our physical & mental health, and our career/finances. I will show you how to balance these areas, so you don’t feel so stressed.

There are a lot of conflicting ideas & messages bidding for your attention. I will help you stay engaged and focused on your goals while you embrace new ideas that are key to your success.

I make it about you and help you to feel calm & assured.”

B.Sc Physiotherapy
B.S Biology
DoTerra Wellness Leader
Aromatouch Technique® Practitioner
Medical Intuitive

Leanne Giavedoni

Essential Oils

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Workplace Wellness Seminars

Leanne Giavedoni speaks to groups on topics to decrease stress and create more health and balance. Leanne offers compelling presentations on Essential Oils or The Mind Body Connection. Great for a workplace lunch & learn, retreat or any groups looking for an engaging health & wellness presentation.

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A Testimonial

I needed help and direction. I was struggling in all parts of my life and I was not feeling the peace and happiness or anything close to these wonderful things I am experiencing now.

At first I tried on my own for about a year, before I met Leanne. I really “thought” I was thinking, acting and speaking positive and I was reading a ton of books. I tried all of the tools I was reading about but I was mentally and physically exhausted. My life was not enjoyable, I felt like each day was a struggle to get through.

This changed when I started working with Leanne, I found I was having success. I started the guided meditations and personal coaching along with wellness workshops and gained so much more and really uncovered the root of what needed attention.

The work I have done with Leanne has helped me to start living a LIFE I AM HAPPY TO BE A PART OF… Thank you, Leanne, for the life changing gifts.

Ashley – Stoney Creek, ON

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