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Why can’t I get rid of this pain? Why isn’t anything working for my digestive concerns? Why do I worry and feel anxious about everything? Why does everything feel like a struggle and no matter how hard I try I don’t feel good enough?

If you have you ever felt stuck, uncertain, or overwhelmed you are not alone and you are in the right place.

We help women just like you to create better health, prosperity, and peace.

Unleashed Essentials shows you exactly how to do that focusing on a body, mind, and spirit approach so you can unleash your potential and start living your abundant life.

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The Abundant Life Method

 The Abundant Life Method is a coaching program for you to create better health, prosperity, and peace in your life.  It is built on the foundation that living a life of wellness is truly the definition of abundance. When you have the five pillars of wellness in balance, you will find yourself living to your fullest potential and feeling your best. Each pillar requires that you use a body, mind, spirit approach to create balance in that area.

Essential to the Abundant Life Method is fostering an abundant mindset. This requires that you learn how to tune into your body, your beliefs, and your intuition. It also requires that you know how to overcome your fears and blocks that get in the way. 

All of this is put together for you in an easy to follow method that uses the coaching guide called Fear Unravelled and is accessible online, with access to Leanne through training videos & live trainings in private community & membership site.

Use the Abundant Life Method to heal your health,  relationships, finances, and intuition all the while building your self-confidence and love for yourself.

“I needed help and direction. I was struggling in all parts of my life and I was not feeling the peace and happiness or anything close to these wonderful things I am experiencing now. At first I tried on my own for about a year, before I met Leanne. I really “thought” I was thinking, acting and speaking positive and I was reading a ton of books. I tried all of the tools I was reading about but I was mentally and physically exhausted. My life was not enjoyable, I felt like each day was a struggle to get through.

This changed when I started working with Leanne, I found I was having success. I started the guided meditations and learning the steps for creating an abundant life. I gained so much more than I expected and really uncovered the root of what needed attention. The work I have done with Leanne has helped me to start living a LIFE I AM HAPPY TO BE A PART OF… Thank you, Leanne, for the life changing gifts.”


“At every turn in the road, I use every strategy you have taught me….mirroring, power
thoughts, journaling, visualizing, meditating, to name a few of my favorites. Since
employing the tools I have learned, I am not reactionary, nor explosive, nor do I panic or
have anxiety. When something comes up I first turn to my strategies in a methodical
manner and if more is needed I can book a session with a coach.  When I learned you
were writing a book, I thought that is an absolutely splendid idea and priceless!!! I would
buy it immediately!!! Your coaching has changed my life as I understand myself and
others much better and I am grateful every day for the tools you have given me.”


“Coaching over the years has taught me to identify my greater purpose in life and as a
result find more value in my career and life goals in general. All the tools are so helpful-
Mirroring is one of my favourite go-to tools for self-reflection and self-realization. The
mirroring/projecting tool has also helped me to understand other people on a whole new
level. If it were not for the tools, I do not think I would have been able to personally
evolve the way that I have. Having all the tools laid out as a reference allows you to
quickly refer to teachings that can easily be forgotten in moments of stress, chaos, or
crisis and to validate feelings in question and for clarity.


“My journey has definitely given me a better understanding of myself.  Using multiple
coaching tools such as shadow work, visualization & mirroring have really helped me. I
have come to realize my limiting beliefs and have the tools to work through them. This
allows me to be more aware of my actions & feelings towards myself and others and in
my everyday life. Having these tools in a book is very beneficial.  Remembering all the
exercises and tools from personal coaching at times is hard, as it’s a lot of information
to retain, so having these tools on hand is great to be able to refer to them as I need
them.  To those new on the journey, it is important to know that self-realization is a
process and at times not an easy one, but everything starts and ends with ourselves.
The coaching process is an amazing way to navigate through this journey.


Author and wellness coach

Leanne Giavedoni

I am the owner of Unleashed Essentials. I am the author of Fear Unravelled, the creator of the Abundant Life Method, and a Platinum Doterra Wellness Advocate. 

Unleashed Essentials helps women who are stuck or struggling by helping you get to root causes and focusing on the essential things that work no matter what your struggle.   The methods we teach work whether you have physical or emotional health concerns, financial blocks, relationship problems, or just don’t feel fulfilled in your life.  That might seem like many areas but the truth is that it does not matter what the problem is because the solution is the same. 

The solution I discovered after having to heal myself and working with thousands of clients is what I share with you. 


Fear Unravelled

Transform your thinking and manifest the abundant life you deserve

If you are not sure that you are ready for the Abundant Life Method then the book is a great place to start!

Fear Unravelled is one of the tools used for the Abundant Life Method. The book introduces you to many of the ideas that you will apply to the five pillars of abundance covered in the Abundant Life Method.

Fear Unravelled provides you with the coaching tools to build resilience, get clarity, connect to your deepest desires, and overcome struggles.

When you feel more ready to take control of your life, you can always add the full method.

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