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My team is looking for 3 committed individuals who are ready to be on the fast track to success with doTERRA.

Why I Joined doTERRA?

I was on a mission to heal myself and improve my life.   .

I love to help others with anything related to health and wellness. But my wellness clinic was bringing with it so many stresses that I was not thriving as a health care professional. In fact I was burning out.

The oils and supplements did the job. They work! As they started to work I was determined to share with others. I empower people with safe, effective and natural solutions that work to get their health back on track.

The doTERRA business taught me how to receive.  I was great at giving and helping others, but I did it at my own expense physically, emotionally and financially. That changed and now I balance serving others while my needs are taken care of as well.

I mentor and help people improve their financial wellness.

I get to sprinkle a little of my specialty for helping people understand why they are stuck and how to move forward.

I am part of a Movement that is changing the world.

You and I, have the ability to live a healthy & abundant life, but sometimes stuff gets in the way. I know what that is like and I also know how I was able to transform every aspect of my life.  My biggest struggle was my own self-limiting beliefs and how they kept me in fear. Today along with the gift of the essential oils and supplements, I can help people unleash their fears and unleash the healthy & abundant life that awaits all of use.

When you love something, when you have benefited from something, it is natural to share. I continue to evolve and grow in the ways that I can share what I have been so blessed to discover. It is my desire to help you unleash the potential that is within you, so that you too can live a healthy & abundant life.

Are you ready to?


Help others elevate their health.


To leave a legacy 


Join a Healthcare Movement


Create financial freedom, time freedom, and boss freedom.


Live with more purpose and more passion.


My team is looking for 3 committed individuals who are ready to be on the fast track to success with doTERRA. We take you under our wing and teach you all our secrets to becoming a doTERRA Wellness Advocate. This hands-on business coaching is priceless and will propel you into rising up and realizing your own dreams, while you grow as a person.


This position isn’t for everyone. It requires consistency and determination. It will require at least 15 hours a week. You will receive more training from the top experts in this industry and know the exact path you have to take to reach your goals. When you first start out, it is normal to have a full time job and no essential oil experience.   This Leadership Position takes commitment and trust. You cannot already be a member of doTERRA.


If you want to move at a slower pace and on your own time then you are more suited to our Sharer or Builder Position.  Again you cannot already be a member of doTERRA.

 We can set up a discovery call to explore which is the best fit for you and explain what is involved.

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