Imagine an Abundant Peaceful Life!
One where you experience good health, prosperity, and peace.

Ignite Your Intuition

Discover how to unleash your healing & manifesting abilities and transform your life!

Mastering the Art of Intuition is the fastest way to overcome that stuck and anxious feeling


Join Spiritual & Intuitive Transformation Consultant, Leanne Giavedoni, as she walks you through easy steps to ignite your intuition.

During this 12-week live online coaching , you will discover the benefits of mastering the art of intuition.

The more intuitive you are the easier it is to manifest an abundance of health, prosperity and peace. You will find that life flows with more ease and that you are focused and attracting things that bring you more happiness. Intuition helps you to feel more confident in yourself and to trust in life more. You find yourself shedding doubt and worry the more you tap in and follow your guided actions steps.

Who is this coaching for?

  • Completed all 3 of the Ignite Your Intuition Workshops: The Power of Pendulums, Your Emotional Compass & Cosmic Connections
  • Curious about intuition
  • Perhaps uncertain or even a bit scared
  • Looking for a deeper meaning in life
  • Easily stressed and need to learn to trust more
  • May, or may not, feel you are intuitive


Mastering the Art of Intuition will give you easy daily practice to go within and increase your ability to connect to different levels of energy and guides


  • 12-weeks of group coaching
  • private group for questions & live sessions
  • opportunity to overcome your fears and negative ideas that surround the concept of intuition
  • build your confidence & skillset in a safe space working with Intuitive Consultant & Healer Leanne Giavedoni
  • practical application using a pendulum to sharpen your intuitive connection
  • master the art of deciphering your bodies messages
  • enhance your connection with angels and spirit guides
  • bridge traditional concepts with modern day living
  • ensure your energy aligns with the highest love and light energy
  • discover your unique brand of intuition
  • share your exploration and evolution with like minded souls


Meet Leanne

Your Intuitive Consultant & Coach

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