Fear Unravelled

Transform your thinking and manifest the abundant life you deserve

Do you ever feel overwhelmed by life’s challenges? Does doubt or comparison get in the way of you creating success? Would you like to feel stronger and mentally prepared to not only survive but thrive?

Fear Unravelled provides you with the coaching tools to build resilience, get clarity, connect to your deepest desires and overcome struggles.

"a must read"

“This book is a must read for those looking to unblock fears and help overcome mental blocks that are stopping you from reaching your true self. The author really shows step by step how to successfully do this. I would recommend this book to everyone.”

Amazon Customer Review

"like having your own personal life coach"

“If you’re on a self-development journey, this is the book you need! It’s like having your own personal life coach on hand 24/7.”

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About Fear Unravelled

You may find yourself questioning whether you are good enough. You may be holding yourself back for fear of failing. You may have found yourself struggling and in search of more happiness. Perhaps the stress and worry are making you feel sick or affecting your relationships.

Imagine if you could have everything you want and feel you are achieving your goals. Imagine having a handle on your fears so they do not get in the way. Picture knowing you are capable and worthy of having all you desire. You can have more joy, ease, purpose, health, love and peace in your life.

Discover how to:

  • Love and embrace oneself
  • Tap into passion and purpose
  • Transform fears and failures into growth opportunities
  • Master manifesting strategies
  • Foster a mindset for abundance
  • Liberate oneself to be successful
  • Build a life filled with peace, authenticity, and fulfillment

Fear Unravelled: Transform your thinking and manifest the life you deserve provides coaching tools to build resilience, get clarity, connect to deep desires and overcome struggles.

As detailed in the book, fear disguises itself as worry, stress, and even anger. It causes a feeling of being “stuck.” Like being stuck in quicksand, sometimes the more we struggle, the more stuck we become. Fear can literally make people sick. Fear Unravelled features easy exercises, insightful wisdom and valuable coaching tools to identify and change fearful behaviours, including:

  • how to tame fears
  • how to overcome feelings of unworthiness
  • align goals with deeper meaning and purpose
  • train new habits and create an abundant mindset
  • the most common fears that get in the way of achieving a goal

This book is for you if:

  • You are new to the self-discovery journey
  • You just want to dip your toes before investing more completely in your life
  • You find yourself stuck trying to achieve better health, improved relationships or more prosperity
  • You are open and looking for a mind-body approach to emotional & mental well-being
  • You have a lack mindset or find it hard to break your negative thinking
  • Seek more work-life balance
  • You are being coached but want a paperback version of the guide
  • Are a helping professional looking for a reference & easy to follow guide for your clients

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