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Before, I share with you the solution, I want to give you a warning. If you are looking for overnight success in healing all your woes, then this is not the place for you.

Before, I share with you the solution, I want to give you a warning. If you are looking for overnight success in healing all your woes, then this is not the place for you.  Unfortunately, that is part of the reason so many people end up stuck and confused. This misguided notion that there are quick fixes and overnight successes, is an image that all of our social media and reality television has falsely embedded in our minds.  The truth is that although the steps are simple and do not need to be over complicated, it takes work and some time.  It does not have to take a lifetime, but it does take time for the answers to take effect. So often, people get impatient and move on. I was totally guilty of that and it added to my struggle and caused the whole thing to take at least twice as long as it could have.

The solution I share does have several parts. It requires that attention is given to the body, mind and spirit.  Frankly, the mind and spirit are the most important of the three, but so many people get caught up in the vast world of taking care of the body.  That world can swallow you up, trying to figure out what is the best to do. Yet without the mind and spirit taken care of, most of what you end up trying in the physical realm will not work-costing you time and lots of money.

I spent 23 years of my life as a physiotherapist, which is all about taking care of that body, so I have a lot of experience and knowledge to back up what I am saying here. That approach also failed me on my quest to rid myself of shoulder pain, digestive issues, mood swings and eventually burnout.

How to Care for Your Body


Exercise that you enjoy at least 3 times per week. It does not matter what type. If you are exercising and not getting results, it is because the other parts are not being taken care of. Try different things and keep it enjoyable.


Supplements to fuel your cells and help with unmet dietary needs.  You cannot get all the nutrients you need from food alone, it is impossible.  I have tried dozens of brands and have settled on my doTERRA supplements. They work! Plus, I save time not having to research what I need, and I save tonnes of money because they cost me more than half of what I used to pay at the health food store.


Take care of the mind. This is absolutely key and the missing part for so many people. If you ignore this part, you will stay stuck and waste a lot of time and money in the plethora of ways to take care of your body.  When you do the 5 steps above and they do not work, it is not because of a problem with the steps but because of what is in your mind. This has been my experience time and time again.


Diet that suits your body. Everyone is different and you have to learn what your body needs. For me it is no beef and reduced sugar.  I tried vegan, vegetarian, keto etc. But in the end, it needs to be fresh & healthy choices (not fast food restaurants or processed foods). Getting food sensitivity testing done with a naturopath was a great help for me.  That being said, I was able to reduce my sensitivities once I healed my gut and my mind.


Essential oils for balanced health or for emergencies. A cold, a cut or burn, a stomach ache, a muscle strain can all be addressed with good quality essential oils.  There are only 3 companies that actually sell pure unadulterated essential oils and doTERRA is in that list. Saving me time and money once again.


Remove toxins from your environment.

Care For Your Mind

Discover the answers to how to stop feeling stressed, sore, tired and stuck.

Care For Your Spirit

The key to unleashing a healthy & abundant life worth living.



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