Buy One GIVE One

What is it?

When you take the Buy One GIVE One Challenge, you are getting two books for the price of one.
The challenge is two-fold:
First, empower yourself to have a look at where you can transform your life.
Second, give the free copy to someone that you feel inspired to help.


Who can participate?

  • Participants attending any events that author and coach Leanne Giavedoni is involved in
  • Book Club participants
  • Those living in the Hamilton Ontario area, can contact us directly via email to see if we are able to make this available to you
  • We are in the process of partnering with businesses to arrange pick up locations. Stay tuned.

Unfortunately, books ordered through Amazon do not quality for this challenge.


Partner with us for more ways to help:

  • Sponsor an event with a donation
  • Host an event or a Book Club
  • Become one of our book pick up stations
Have you or someone you love ever felt at a crossroads wondering how to change the situation you find yourself stuck in? Perhaps you need the courage to heal a health issue, change a relationship or deal with financial stress. These are vulnerable times that are hard to share out of embarrassment or just now wanting to burden someone else.

Imagine if you had clarity and guidance on how to get unstuck. Imagine if you felt supported, like you were having a conversation with a friend who is there to provide enough guidance to move forward.

Well, the Fear Unravelled coaching guide written by Wellness Coach, Leanne Giavedoni, does exactly that. It is like having your own personal life coach on hand 24/7 holding loving space for the unravelling of the fears that keep you stuck.

Now imagine having that for yourself and for someone you love.

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