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Have you ever felt stuck, uncertain or overwhelmed deciding what to do? Have you ever tried multiple options to improve your health, your relationships or even finances just to end up stuck again?

Imagine if you had a system to get unstuck. Imagine if you felt more confident in your choices and had trusted things to implement that were effective.

Well, you do not have to imagine anymore. This is exactly what I am here to help you with. I will show you exactly how to do that with my book Fear Unravelled: Transform your thinking and manifest the abundant life you deserve and with the lifestyle recommendations throughout this site.

I know what it is like to have stress, financial struggles, pain, digestive issues, out of whack hormones and even depression. I spent over a decade trying to heal myself. I tried everything, and I mean everything. I spent a lot of money. In fact I even opened a business in an attempt to solve these problems for myself and others. Sadly, I had not figured out the core secrets yet, and that failed. It failed not once, not twice, but three times. Thankfully, I have learned from my mistakes.

If you are like me, when you discover something, you share it. So, as I was unraveling the answers to how to stop feeling stressed, sore, and tired and stuck, I was sharing it with my clients. They added some additional lessons along the way. The experiences have come together as solutions to what so many people struggle with.

Explore this site, to gain insights into the solutions that worked for me and for my clients. Take some time to look at the ways in which you can work with me to first unravel and then unleash the healthy & abundant life you desire. It is my greatest joy to help you get unstuck and feel peace that you and your life are AMAZING!

I do have some education and credentials to back up what I do, but truthfully having to heal myself was my greatest teacher and is what I draw on the most to help those who I am blessed to serve.


  • Credentials:
  • Author
  • Bachelor of Science Physiotherapy
  • Bachelor of Science Biology
  • Health & Wellness Coach
  • Professor
  • Essential Oil Educator
  • doTERRA Wellness Advocate
  • Medical Intuitive
  • Certified Hypnotist
  • Entrepreneur/Business Owner


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