The statistics speak for themselves. A $7 billion dollar industry and a population whose waistbands continue to get bigger. This is a complex problem and will require multiple solutions. Like all complex problems the solutions can be confusing and contradictory.

I think the need to eat a healthy and balanced diet is key. Also it is important to move your body enough to burn excess calories, plus build healthy bones and muscles. In my opinion these are obvious factors and you can find help with this every corner you turn. Yet, so many people cannot do this, or do it for a while and then fall back into old habits with the results of gaining even more weight. Why?

Although I worked as a Physiotherapist, when I started to focus my practice on Wellness Lifestyle Coaching the number one issue people wanted a solution for was weight loss. I thought it would have been pain management, but it was not.

The assistance I could provide in this matter of shedding excess weight, was having them look into deeper rooted issues. Fat is an insulator, a means of protection. So, I would have them work through the idea that there is a false protection that the body is trying to give them.

Here are a few things I used to help work through the issues.

First, if you answer “Yes” to any of the following questions, you have deeper rooted issues that you need to explore before any diet, exercise, surgery or other procedure will work for you.
1. I need to lose greater than 25 pounds
2. I lost weight previously but gained it all back and even more
3. I have been overweight since childhood
4. I have a family history of obesity (one or more members struggles with weight also)

These are signs that there is subconscious beliefs and thought patterns that need to be reprogrammed or changed before you will successfully overcome this issue. Finding yourself a weight loss program that includes counseling, or working with an experienced coach would be my first recommendation, before focusing on other strategies. If you focus on other strategies, you are likely to fail (sorry) and that just adds to the need for more protection. Avoid setting yourself up for failure and deal with these beliefs first.

Here is something you can start with. Creating these two lists is really easy and an important step to gaining an understanding about what those subconscious blocks may be regarding.

The first list is the “My motivation to lose the weight?” Make a list of 10 reasons it would be good for you to lose weight.
The second list is the “Reasons I am not the weight I need to be?” Make a list of 15 reasons you are not your desired weight.

It is important to do these lists and at least the number indicated. You will likely notice the first few are easy to come up with, but it will be harder to find those 10 and 15 reasons. You will have to dig a little deeper for those reasons, which is good because that is helping you to really dig deeper.

If your motivation list is not stronger than your reasons for not list, you will not succeed. Therefore, it follows that if you are struggling at this point, your reasons not to be, are the stronger believes. That needs to change. So spend some time reflecting on those lists, especially the second one. After you get through the list, notice which of them arise or bring any emotional response. Those are the clues to what you need to change.

Regardless, the amount of weight you want to lose, go through the exercise of creating these to lists. It is very eye opening.

Changing a belief then follows the steps that I write about in my other articles.

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I also strongly recommend Louise Hay – “Heal Your Body” and Geneen Roth – “Women Food and God”.

Above all, know you can change, and be kind to yourself.




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