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Helping you overcome your stressful struggles with empowering healthy habits, for everyday living, that focus on the well-being of your body, mind & spirit.

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Can you relate?

Why can’t I get rid of this pain? Why isn’t anything working for my digestive concerns? Why do I worry and feel anxious about everything? Why does everything feel like a struggle and no matter how hard I try I don’t feel good enough?

If you have you ever felt stuck, uncertain, or overwhelmed you are not alone and you are in the right place.

We help you create better emotional & physical health, and peace.

Unleashed Essentials shows you exactly how to do that focusing on a body, mind, and spirit approach so you can unleash your potential and start living your abundant life.

guidance to align your 

body + mind + spirit

Author & Wellness Teacher

Leanne Giavedoni

I am passionate about helping people find peace of mind, a greater love for who they are, and trust in life.  My path for most of my life was less than peaceful, one struggle and failure after another. I felt stuck and alone. The resources I needed were often confusing or out of reach.  But when I retreated and went within, I could access a sense of clarity and serenity that got me through the hardest, most stressful, and anxious moments in my life.

So I created Unleashed Essentials to help people who are stuck or struggling by helping them get to root causes and focusing on the essential things that work no matter your struggle.   The method works whether you have physical or emotional health concerns, financial blocks, relationship problems, or don’t feel fulfilled.  That might seem like many areas, but the truth is that it does not matter what the problem is because the solution is the same. 

The solution I discovered after healing myself and working with thousands of clients is what I introduce to you in the coaching guide Fear Unravelled. Although I no longer coach privately, you may still find some of my information online.  

Fear Unravelled

Transform your thinking and manifest the abundant life you deserve

The book introduces many ideas you will apply to the five pillars of abundance: health, relationships, finances, self-love & intuition.

Fear Unravelled provides the coaching tools to build resilience, get clarity, connect to your deepest desires, and overcome struggles.

When you feel more ready to take control of your life, pairing this tool with coaching or counseling is a great combo.

Be sure to watch the Fear Unravelled Talk Show where we share coaching tips for unraveling your fears and mastering manifesting!

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